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Product Warranty

Banax Fishing NZ warrants that its products will be free of defect in material, assembly and/or workmanship

under normal use and service for the specific warranty period, if stated, or otherwise within 12 months of the

date of supply from buyer’s store. This warranty is extended only to the Original purchaser in New Zealand.


This warranty does not apply if we found the claims for;

    a.  The damage or loss resulting from any improper use or improper maintenance of the product.

    b.  The damage or loss resulting from removal, unauthorised repair, abuse or modification of the product.


Warranty Repair

Banax Fishing NZ is resposible to perform repairs or parts replacement with no charge to the customers,

upon the condition that shipping cost incurred from and to customer's place will be the customer's duty.

Please send us the reel to our Service centre with a proof of purchase and a description of the defects and

customer's contact details.


Sales & Dealers

For the purchasing of Banax products, please click "Dealers" web page.


Product Specification

The Banax products presented in our website are specially selected for New Zealand's practical fishing

environment, therefore the NZ model number for some item could be differ from the original product.


The products and its specification are subject to change for better performance and improvement without


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